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Build your Dunzo Clone with Inoru to facilitate excellent delivery service.

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Dunzo and similar apps facilitate delivery services. From Grocery delivery to food, meat, and others. The need for delivery services is increasing with the improved online services and e-commerce. On the other hand, there are increased revenue options in the Dunzo clone app.
But there is a doubt about how efficiently these apps work during the prevailing covid Situation. So yeah, how are on-demand grocery delivery apps facilitated?
To effectively overcome the prevailing lockdowns and restriction periods and manage the demand and supply according to the market needs, Dunzo Clone apps have incorporated multiple features into the app.
Newly improved features into your DunZo Clone App
The online delivery app that facilitates grocery delivery, food, meat, and others, needs to be safe as they handle the provision that we consume for them to be extra safe and secure. To ensure this, the developer can incorporate different new features into the app. Few are listed below.
To ensure safe delivery, the delivery person vaccination report can be asked for attestation.
A mask verification feature enables the driver and the vendor to offer their services only after filling its checklist every day. Here they will be asked to post their picture wearing the mask.
No contact delivery options that the user can avail and the delivery person can facilitate it by delivering the order at their doorstep. With a simple notification, the user will be notified to collect.
Multiple online payment facilities can be availed as each customer is convenient with different payment methods.
The delivery person can be facilitated with the advanced features, especially in the navigation tool, with voice navigation options. This enables the driver to reach their destination easily and also at the same time concentrate on their driving.
Apart from these features, in your Dunzo clone, it's simple and easy to configure improved features through Clone script technology. This method is nothing, but the app is being developed from the script of the existing app that ensures compatibility and performance. This eventually rescues the time and cost of development.
At INORU, we help you develop legit Dunzo clone apps with improved and versatile features to boost the user experience and, in turn, track increased revenue opportunities through the app. Here is an amazing opportunity to improve your business with newly enhanced strategies. Get the future of your business. An online Delivery app like Dunzo developed and launched with us.

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