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Take your business a step further with On-demand Home service app development

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On-demand home service facilities are the saviors to the homemakers apart from its business perspectives. The significant households warmly welcome apps like Urbanclap to ease their work while balancing their professional and personal lives.
Home service apps provide all the essential services from cleaning to pest control. These services are now made available in a single app from booking each of them separately through calls. A simple click can help you fix an appointment, secure the service at your convenience and get it rendered at the doorstep.
Do you want to know how on-demand home services facilitated through apps like Urbanclap are?
Here it is!
The user signs in to the app with the required credentials. Similarly, the vendors and home service providers log in to the app providing their service facilities. Once after the verification, both the service facilitators and users can access the app with their limitations.
Then the user is listed with the services available, and they choose their required service. On the other hand, the service provider is provided an option to accept or deny the service request.
Once it is accepted, the appointment is booked conveniently. Details regarding location, time, duration, no. of workers, wages are all listed and agreed upon.
The users are also provided with a tracking facility to quickly locate the service provider and help them reach the destination.
The booked services are facilitated, and at the end, the user pays.
And finally, the service providers are rated based on different criteria and their service facilities.
In addition to this, to support the service provider and user, the Urbanclap clone app has an in-app chat facility. They help facilitate small chats to resolve simple queries and help connect with the customer care executives regarding issues and problems.
For your home service app to conveniently perform, it must be flexible in terms of business activities. With INORU, develop your Robust clone app to facilitate your home service business online with Urbanclap clone that can incorporate advanced technical improvements with its flexible nature.

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