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To help you grow your business, create a clone script for on-demand delivery.

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Delivery services are in high demand on the market. Everyone expects to be able to get everything delivered to their doorstep. Glovo and other similar apps are in high demand to help slow down services.
The Glovo clone shipping service is straightforward. It has now been improved to serve as an all-in-one distribution application. The user may book an item using the app, and the delivery boy will be notified and assigned to the delivery. This simple method may also be utilised to establish several revenue streams.
The basic revenue models for your Glovo clone are listed below, and they may be expanded to include a variety of different sources depending on the needs of the company.
HOSTING FEE — registering for an on-demand service app is a full-fledged company on its own. This enables a high number of users to log in while other commercial operations hosted by the app are charged.
ADS - the software offers a simple method of attracting new users. The app may charge a fee to promote advertisements on their app. It's a technique to bring in more users and companies by adding advertisements.
DEMAND-BASED PRICES - As demand increases, the administrator may examine new strategies to promote the company and boost income. This isn't just about boosting the charges.
COMMISSION FEE - For each commercial action carried out in the app, the admin and the vendor share commission based on their terms.

Apart from these capabilities, Glovo software offers the administrator a range of revenue-generating possibilities.
INORU is here to help you develop your Glovo clone to make delivery easier and build your adaptable business tool. With increased features and white label solutions, we give the Glovo app with great practicality and flexibility choices to strengthen the business flow. Establish yourself in the global market with your unique and personalised all-in-one delivery app, such as Glovo clone.

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