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Reach out your delivery service to wider food mongers with your Swiggy clone

Clone of: Food Delivery Author: James Anderson
Language: PHP License: Paid

Here, there and everywhere, you get to see many cafes, restaurants, hotels, and food hubs. But do they all get listed in the food delivery app? A food delivery app attracts versatile users by jamming multiple hotels, restaurants, and cafes in the area. Apps like swiggy buy concentrating on major restaurants and famous hotels, thereby contracting major food hubs, they get to increase their visibility among the users.
To attract vendors, the app must facilitate additional benefits with attractive offers. Listed below are a few strategies that you Swiggy clone can offer to the vendors to boost their business.
Commission based on the size of the vendor business. Instead of providing similar commission offers, depending upon the vendor's business, it can be charged.
Feature listing options to vendors can be provided. With the popularity of the brand, the app can boost vendor visibility. And by feature listing options, the vendor can be given space in the top list.
Based on unique offers and discounts availed by the store, the vendor can be provided space in the top list.
Based on the popularity among the users, the store can be pushed front and back in the app.
All these help in increasing the visibility of the vendor store through your food delivery app. Listing the store in your business itself is a business promotion for the vendor. By providing these promotion captions to local vendors in the area, you can record different food hubs in the app, and user traffic is eventually increased.
To perform all these conveniently, the app needs to function effectively. Developing your full-featured robust Food delivery app like Swiggy from INORU helps you boost the business activity. Our clone script technology makes the app more flexible and compatible. For an entrepreneur, this is an excellent opportunity to establish in the global niche. Get your Swiggy clone app developed INORU.

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