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Develop a Practo clone app to facilitate health care with ease

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Language: PHP License: Paid

During this pandemic, there is a high demand in the healthcare sector. The Practo app's main purpose is to make the doctor-patient relationship easier to manage online. Its services are extended to a larger community through apps like Practo, demonstrating its usefulness in a timely need. To comfortably incorporate this service, the app's operation must be adaptable and simple.

1.The user logs into the app and enters basic information such as their name, age, medical history, recent issues, and so on. The user is verified and accepted into the app.

2.The doctors, on the other hand, provide information about their education, experience, and expertise. Etc. The doctors have been verified and are eligible to be listed.

3.From the list of fields and categories, the user can select a specialist and schedule an appointment.

4.The patient and the doctor are connected via video conferencing at the scheduled time.

5.Following the discussion, the user's medical report is analysed, and the medications are delivered via the app.

6.Following the call, the user pays the fees and obtains his medication, which is either ordered from a pharmacy listed in the app or obtained from their regular store.

7.The user is now asked to rate and review their experience.

This brings the process to a successful conclusion. The app also allows for small chats within the app chat facility to clarify minor issues.
Taking your healthcare service online through an app like Practo can be the best-suggested solution to boosting your healthcare service in the midst of this pandemic. The app must be compatible in order to function properly. It's simple and quick to launch your full-featured Practo clone app with INORU, improved resolution, and advanced technical support via clone script technology.

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